Monday, July 2, 2012

Not in the Details--but the Dog Tails

While driving around on a mom and son weekend...

He-Twin (somewhat apprehensively): " you ever think Larry is Jesus?"

Mom (with heartfelt relief): "Darren, I cannot tell you how glad I am you asked that! These past months, with our house situation and with Daddy's treatments---and really, just everyday---looking at Larry-Dog's face when we're petting him, I really DO see glimpses of God...and have thought similar thoughts.

He lets us pet him and laugh with him and he sits right beside by us constantly. When we leave him alone, he's always there and is so happy to see us when we come back. He reaches up and puts his paw on us, and it seems like he does it exactly when we need it.

He just loves all of us, all the time. I've always known we experience God through other people...I see Him in you all the time. Until Larry, I just had no idea how much we can feel Jesus' love through a dog. You're a very insightful young man."

Forget cleanliness*. Dog-liness is next to Godliness.

[*We have.]

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Alex Slusher said...

Awesome conversation. Thanks for sharing.
After Stuart died, my cat - who had always slept at my feet - starting sleeping next to me with her head on my shoulder. Cat-liness is next to Godliness too!

Cheryl Lage said...

Agreed 100%, Alex! (Maybe "Pet-liness" is more apropos.) Love you. :)

Elizabeth said...

You know, it has been said that dyslexic-agnostics question the existance of "dog" : )
I have had many moments of grace with the pets inmy life. What a wonderful conversation!

Meryl said...

What a beautiful dog...(and handsome twin)!!!
Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

cat said...

Oh this isso beautiful - I have to agree with you.

Goddess in Progress said...

So lovely. Wonderful dog, wonderful boy. What a family you have.