Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helpful Mom. Hateful Mom.

Today, I'm not exactly sure which I am.

 Some background... She-Twin has a predilection.

You could call it heightened focus. You could call it obsessive fixation.

Our beloved little brace-face needs a frenectomy. Sounds like an impressive, involved procedure. The reality is, the wee membrane attaching her upper lip to her gumline is ill-positioned, and needs to be snipped.

Numbing will be needed. Needles will be needed. Discomfort---however minor---is predicted.

Looking back to the days of proliferate immunizations, the build-up was excruciating. The "How many days 'til our appointment?" asked ad nauseum, occasionally peppered with terrified tears.

Now, nearly eleven years into twin parenting, I still feel intuition impaired. All the liberally doled "Go with your gut, Mama," isn't remotely reassuring. My gut has proven unreliable...and half the time, I'm gutless.

 She-Twin's frenulum will be cut tomorrow...at 4pm. I know it. The periodontist knows it. The insurance company knows it. She-Twin doesn't know it.

 Am I simply employing a means to maternally alleviate her (and my) anxiety, or am I deceiving my daughter? Would the "truth" set her free or set her fretting?

What would you do?
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cat said...

Prayers and lots of good luck to you both

Alex@LateEnough said...

Love this "and half the time, I'm gutless." I feel like that at times too.
I think it depends on your kid. For some, talking through it beforehand is helpful. For others, it makes it worse. I give my kids a few days notice because then they can ask questions that occur to them but for some things, I will wait until the day of because there's nothing to ask just worry.

Terra said...

oh boy, I am so with you, sometimes I tell L what's coming and sometimes I don't - depends on the "what" - the fretting can really destroy sleep and other enjoyment. I pry wouldn't have told her till the day of...

Barbara Manatee said...

I can totally understand your decision! I see/hear a lot of anxiety in my Sarah as well. H ope things went well and you felt good in your decision.