Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thwarted No More

The last day of school.

Traditionally, we make a practice of a post-dinner ice cream treat to start the summer off sweetly.

This year, He-Twin had heard murmurings of his dream flavor---a key lime pie ice cream. Available at a local street-side, wooden-decked ice cream shop, we knew our night's destination.

Following a dessert-free restaurant dinner, we drove excitedly to Sweet 95.

He-Twin bounded out of the car. The brightly chalked menu of daily flavors included Key Lime Pie---but a line was drawn through it. Sold out.

Suppressing tears, as any freshly graduated from 4th grade young man would, He-Twin declined an alternative...with the reassurance we'd return another night.

We returned a second night. Key Lime Pie was on the menu! A beloved teacher seated on the deck verified the Key Lime Pie deliciousness. He-Twin jumped into the line. The person in front of him placed his order. The girl behind the counter emerged....with a piece of chalk. The dreaded line was drawn.

Barely able to squelch his disappointment in a very public place, in a gesture of family unity, we hung our heads and got back in our car. Double Daddy purchased some much appreciated arctic bars on the way home, but it wasn't the Key Lime.

The following week while running errands, while Daddy was away on a commercial shoot, He-Twin suggested we give Sweet 95 an "earlier in the day" try.  At last....success!

Fully aware of the deprivation angst to date, we texted this gleeful image Daddy-ward...

To which he responded....

To which He-Twin responded...

Suppose some things really are worth the wait.
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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Wow! I am incredibly impressed at Darren's will to delay gratification for the ultimate prize!

And I'm laughing at that text to Double Daddy...HA!

So glad it was worth the wait!

Deidre said...

Oh my goodness - this sounds like me soooo much. When you know what you want, why waste your time with anything else!

friske4 said...