Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Half Score and One Year Ago

Dateline: September 5, 2001
Twins' Age: Less than an hour old

Eleven years ago today, at 12:34pm, we had our first child---a precious 5 pound 14 ounce boy.
Our son.

Seven minutes later, at 12:41pm, our second child was born---a beautiful 4 pound 14 ounce girl.
Our daughter.

Memories of those treasured, life-altering minutes warm my heart this mid-week.

Join in----look back with us-----play along with Way Back When-esday!

No better excuse to dig into those digital files, seek out an overlooked snapshot, or scan a scrapbook find! Share an image you might not otherwise. Tell the tale and place a post on your blog. Be sure and link back to participate in the web-wide reverie...and please leave a comment when you do!

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cat said...

The very best sweetest of memories

Goddess in Progress said...

Happy happy HAPPY birthday to the most excellent Darren and Sarah! Unbelievable - ELEVEN?!

Amanda said...

Awe! Love these photos!

Tracey said...


Barbara Manatee said...

I'm a few days late (way behind on blogs...) but I hope they had a wonderful birthday!!