Saturday, September 29, 2012

I See London, I See France....

From their earliest days, He-Twin and She-Twin made their favorite books---and authors---known.

One of theirs---and mine---right out of the gate, the incomparable author/artist, Todd Parr.  Our earliest Parr favorites were all in hardback, now, some of his very best have been released in softcover!

"I like The Underwear Book, even though I am 11 years old! It's really funny, and the pictures are great. I like the way that it's a 'do and don't,' and I love the way it says 'Don't go surfing in your underwear!' This book is great."

So says my darling daughter....verbatim.

Wonderful weekend news?

We have THREE autographed softcover copies of The Underwear Book (formerly, Underwear Do's and Dont's) to give away, courtesy of Todd Parr!

Between now and next Sunday, October 7, leave a comment on this post. Share the title of your favorite Todd Parr text, your favorite underwear story or why you'd like to win a copy for your family! will select the three winners from the entries submitted as requested.


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Terra said...

We make our own Todd Parr books around here...It's ok to... depending on what is going on in our lives! We love him! Though we don't have the Underwear book...I think I need it!

We LOVE the Tushy Book, not a Todd Parr...but oh so cute too!

Amy said...

This is the best underwear story ever. I was babysitting for a sweet three year old who had just learned to dress herself.That day she picked a dress to wear. We went to the park to play and she headed right for the swings. I looked up and noticed that she had forgotten something... her undies!! I got her off the swing and asked her if she forgot her undies. She lifted her dress and said yes. Needless to say we went home and picked out a pair before we finished playing.

B. Brannen said...

Our girls are potty-training and learning about underwear. They love wearing big-girl panties, but every so often, one of my twins will pull up her dress to look at whichever ones she's wearing and say "Look at my Dora panties!"...sometimes in public. *blush* We've now been having the conversation of "Don't pull up your dress and show off your underwear in public!!!" I think I definitely need this book! lol

Amy said...

There are only three of us, but no news on if we won :(

Cheryl Lage said...

Thank you for circling back, Amy! Your comment didn't include an email address, and your Blogger ID says "No Reply!" Please email me at Cheryl AT Twinsights dot com with a mailing address.

(Put a comment on your most recent blog post as do please get back with me! A book is ready to head your way! Congrats!)

Amy said...

Thank you so much ! Love the book, my 2nd graders will too. I have a feeling this will be one of the most checked out books in our classroom library! Thank you so much!