Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sing Out Sister

Public auditions.

Our local children's theatre held a 6-hour round this weekend for their upcoming holiday musical. Upwards of 150 girls age 8-12 were assigned a time-slot; and on the performance stage of a local mall, each sang one of three possible passages from The Sound of Music, The King & I or Annie. Solo. By herself.

Number 23 wow'ed 'em. Her mom knew she could carry a tune well...but she not only carried it, she cradled it, loved it and shared it. Number 23's mom was awed

Will she get a call-back? As the title of her song selection stated, Maybe. Could her mom be any prouder of her? No.

My precious, pitch-perfect performer Makes My Monday.
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Donna said...

Oh. My. Word! Absolutely precious!! What a strong and brave young woman! Wonder where she gets that (wink, wink, MOM!). Wow! We can't wait to see her perform LIVE ...crossing our fingers and saying our prayers! Gooooo Sara!

Camille said...

Awww, I can only imagine how proud you are! :)