Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Way Back When-esday: Love at Christmas

Dateline: December 2011
Twins' Age: 10

Love this ornament made by She-Twin last year...and He-Twin's insight at the conclusion of this piece we composed last year for our family presentation during Advent:

Everyone was ready for a messiah. A king. A military leader. An orator. A philosopher. An emperor. A ruler. A giant man of strength. 

What they---what WE---got, was a baby, lying in a manger. 

Babies reduce us all to a state of cooing admiration. 

We want to be near them. 

We want to pat their heads softly. 

We want to show our goofiest faces to them.

We want to smell them.

We want to hide ourselves and then reveal with a big “Peek a Boo!”

We want to kiss and tickle their toes.

We want to do zerberts on their bellies to see them smile and laugh.

We want to take care of feeding them

We want to keep them safe.

We want to tell others—especially the parents---how precious they are.

We want them to know they are loved.

Christmas allows us to focus our love simply and appreciatively to that one sweet, full-of-promise baby.  

When I asked Darren what "Love at Christmas" means to him, without hesitation he answered, “Everything.”  


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