Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Wondering to Wonderful

Parenting tween twins has not been without formidable challenge.

To be entirely candid, I've often caught myself looking forward to our twosome "emerging on the other side," filled with all of those valuable life-qualities I am so ardently drumming in with Keith Moon-esque verve...trying to fill every available pocket.

In that glorious place, both our darlings will recognize the import of individual responsibility and self-reliance---paired with compassion for community and genuine empathy. They will master the ability to withhold opinions when need be and express them unashamedly when conscience mandates. Loving respect will guide our laughter-filled conversations.

Squabbling over the most inane and unimportant aspects of day-to-day life will cease. Hearing myself rant every morning on the absence of a barrette or uncut fingernails gets old for me; they must be exhausted from stubbornly holding their ground for the bitter end results---punishment-peppered, Pyrrhic victories.

Yet, despite the in-fighting and admitted chaos of tweendom, glimpses of the good to come---and the goodness that is always in them---shine like a reassuring beacon.

She-Twin has a good friend going in for surgery tomorrow. Of her own devising, she created a recipient-interest specific posterboard constructed "Get Well," which she hand-delivered this evening after play practice, before dinner.

Tomorrow's patient loved it. I loved She-Twin's outburst upon getting back in the car, "I am so happy that she is so happy!" No drumming needed.

The best lessons are the ones they teach themselves...and subsequently, me.
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Threeundertwo said...

So sweet. Perhaps I shouldn't mention that I'm still waiting for mine to come out on the other side.