Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Honest Truth on Honest Tea

Prior to the birth of our twins, Double Daddy and I wholeheartedly committed to keeping their juice (soda goes without saying...) intake to a minimum*.
[*See the bottom of page 212 in Twinspiration. We were serious; it's documented.]

In the 11+ years since, admittedly, we've compromised...but we do still attempt to limit sugary drink consumption.

A few weeks ago, when approached by the lovely Lizzie of Honest Tea to sample their selection free-of-charge with no obligation to review, we elected to give it a try...

Needless to say, She-Twin was reluctant. When she gets her sugar, she (not unlike her mom) prefers it full-if-not-double-strength. Her first few sips were met with loud, vocal complaints: "It's not sweet enough!" "It tastes watered down, like a lot of ice has melted in it."

However she, more than any of the rest of us, endeavors to make healthy, good-for-you choices. She kept trying the different options. While she never fully embraced all the flavors, her initial rejection was quickly replaced by a request ---as evidenced by a cell phone call from her while I was out grocery shopping, "Mom, if they have Honest Ade Cranberry Lemonade, get more. We're almost out." (Also notable, the last bottle of Pomegranate Blue was found territorially labelled by She-Twin in our fridge.)

Ever-thirsty He-Twin---who as a toddler was dubbed "Milk Man," frequently double-fisting his sippy cups---welcomed the opportunity to sample the smorgasbord of offerings. 'Twas he who drank the majority of the juice pouches we were given. His hands-down favorite was Tropical Tango Punch, but he genuinely liked them all. He did find inserting the straw into the upper seam of the pouch a bit more challenging entry point than other products, but a small inconvenience for a healthier and tasty beverage.

Asked for He-Twin's official review of Honest Tea, he replied "It's TEA-RIFIC!"

LEAST-LIKED FLAVOR: Honey Green Tea. (Truly, this was awful...none of us liked it.)

MOST-LIKED FLAVOR: Berry Berry Good Lemonade. (Planning to purchase this regularly now!)

Many thanks to Lizzie and the team at Honest Tea, not only for giving us a chance to test your wares, but for all you are doing with package Terracycling, and offering crafty suggestions for re-purposing the emptied bottles! Lizzie's sweet note was amongst the kindest introductions to a product we've ever received.

We recommend you give Honest Teas and Ades a try...and let us know which YOU like best! post signature


Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

I love this post. Good for you guys for starting out right with the whole nutrition part of parenting.

As I look back, I realize we sort of tumbled into being parents without much of a plan. Now that I know what I know, I'd love to do it all over again, but my kids are "old dogs" now, so my three year health kick is a "new trick" that isn't getting much traction, at least for the older of the two. The 15 year old is more open to healthier options, so I can imagine the whole family would have been more on board if we'd started earlier.

So proud of and inspired by you!

Anonymous said...
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