Tuesday, June 18, 2013

50 Rules for Sons: A Review

We have a son. We have a daughter.

When asked if we'd consider reading/reviewing Tim Hoch's 50 Rules for Sons, I thought, "Well, why not? 50% of my children happen to be of the son variety!"

The vast majority of the pages (100 of the 131) contain a single illustrative photo or a succinctly worded "rule" in very large print. 

What 50 Rules for Sons lacks in heft, it makes up for in wisdom...humorously and effectively conveyed.

The aspect of the book I most appreciated were the real-life "Backstories" behind the development of Mr. Hoch's rules (28 of the 131 pages). His personal recountings give strong support to his rules shared.

Our son (11) enjoyed the rules...especially those clearly worded with older readers in mind (i.e. bullshit and balls are mentioned...), but the logic of the lessons was not lost on a younger reader.

Our daughter (11) wisely observed that the rules were largely gender-neutral ("Not just for sons!"), and applied to anyone who might implement their insightful counsel.

Peeking at Mr. Hoch's blog, a version of 50 rules for daughters is currently in the making...we'll be curious to see if sons might employ gals' rules easily as well.

Many thanks to our friends at PR by the Book for sharing a gratis copy of 50 Rules for Sons for us to enjoy.

What experience-gained rules would YOU share with your children if given the venue?

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