Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodie, Goodie, Goldfish!

For years now, it's been my privileged pleasure to serve as an ambassador for Pepperidge Farm and the Goldfish brand.

The Goldfish product on its own is tasty enough to merit my support, but what has cinched my longterm affection has been their continuing generosity to their customer community. As a company largely supported by parents, Pepperidge Farm GIVES BACK by supporting families with incredible, invaluable parenting resources via Each and every month, new parenting articles and family activities appear on the site---and the Goldfish product offerings keep expanding, too.

As a sucker for anything personalized, my favorite new Finn-y opportunity is available via GoldfishMyWay.
Now, for special occasions (the first weeks of school?), for holidays (what a great Halloween treat!), or for simply making the everyday seem less-everyday (as we did, pepping up goodie bags doled via our church's summer arts camp), you can customize your snacks to your own desiring.

My first foray with Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish was given gratis (Thank you, Pepperidge Farm!), but I'll making more GoldfishMyWay in the weeks to come.
If you haven't already PLEASE check out GoldfishSmiles...with middle school starting for our two this week, I KNOW we'll be resourcing some support via the site. And give GoldfishMyWay a try...more fun than personalized pencils this this time of year....and yummier to be sure!

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