Monday, August 26, 2013

Truth in Twindom Makes My Monday

Memorable conversations have peppered my life as a mom of multiples.

One in particular, with a fellow female shopper in WalMart stands out.

Since birth, He-Twin has outsized She-Twin. During certain spans of time, the discrepancy has been quite significant. The fact that two children so disparately sized seemed to be on the exact developmental level frequently baffled those with whom we came in contact.

That memorable day, while waiting in line with my groceries and our twosome stroller-bound, the woman behind me asked, "How much older is your son?"

With only slightly hidden delight, I replied, "Seven minutes," to which my line-mate angrily responded, "But they are NOT twins!"

When I assured her, that yes, most assuredly they were, she replied, "They most certainly are NOT."

She then turned her back, and our "conversation" was over.

If only I had been in possession of the NintendoDSi we just acquired last week. Seems even an app can vouch for us now...


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Threeundertwo said...

What a fun app! I'd like to try it on all the possible pairs of kids in my house - my non-twins are often mistaken for twins.

Christina said...

I have to try that app! Not twins, ha! Some people. ;)

Christina Baglivi Tinglof said...

Don't you love it when strangers are rude?
Great app, BTW. Gotta try it!

Barbara Manatee said...

That's ironic! I wonder what it would rate my two!?!

mrhc said...

MY SIL's cousin has encountered the same attitude with her IDENTICAL oneyear old twin daughters. As if the parent has no idea of anything.

Great app!