Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ding Dong Door

Richmond, Virginia---or RVA as it's more affectionately known---nurtures both its art and its artists.

Most recently, an expansive former bus depot transformed into a brick-wall canvas for murals by local artists, and beyond. After attending the debut festival earlier in September, we knew G'Ma and G'Pa Lage had to see it the following weekend during their visit.

We saw all sorts of pieces we'd missed the first visit...and clearly some had been created in the interim between our visits...


Mom: "Wow. Someone's graffiti-tag name is really 'Penis'?"

She-Twin: "I don't know, but look how beautiful the handwriting is!"

For those apprehensive about taking tweens/teens through museum environments, concerned about confronting nudes with delicacy, therein is your answer:

Focus on the art...the craftsmanship...the virtuoso ability of the artist. Appreciate and enjoy.
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