Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One Half-Score and Two Years Ago...

...our family welcomed a baby boy and a baby girl---who since that time have consistently demonstrated a preoccupation with U.S. Presidents.
(*You can thank me for editing the original introductory sentence that included "conceived in...") 

This past spring, during our family's first trip to Walt Disney World, we visited the Hall of Presidents not once, but twice.

He-Twin was insistent that on our second sit-through, I photograph the moment wherein they spotlit the figure of Chester A. Arthur, his longtime favorite.

The spectacle of that attraction was exponentially different for me now than it was in the '70's when Jimmy Carter was the most recent leader featured. This time, for our whole family, we were wow-ed by the eloquence and magnitude of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. And though the Disney experience moved me to sentimental tears on numerous occasions, those shed during both recitations of those impacting, inspirational words were of a very different sort.

On this, the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's original oration, take a moment and reflect.  Please visit LearnTheAddress.org. View famous fellow Americans delivering those soaring words, and consider adding your rendition to the site.  Think I know what we're doing after-school today.

God bless America. Amen.
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Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

Oh... I love the LearnTheAddress.org site. How amazing to listen to everyone recite it!