Monday, April 14, 2014

TwinSpin Online Series Submissions!

From our long-time friend, and fellow twin-mama, Judy Faulkner Krause:

New show for twins needs your videos!

Twin Spin the brand new live and online series celebrating twins and based on the music of Twin Spin would love to feature your twins.

Just have your twins aged 2-13 sing,(or lipsynch) one of these songs from Twin Spin:
Twins Are In, Me Me You You, Twins Are Marching, or Double Double Fun Fun.

Songs can be downloaded at for just $.99 each. And yes, they should use the music in the video. Use your video camera or smart phone, it doesn’t have to be professional just a whole lot of fun. Please send it to Please include all contact information. If your video is chosen for the show, we will contact you and give you more information. Please send this along to anyone you know with twins. Good luck! (Videos should be submitted by April 15th ) We will let you know when the first show will air.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!
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