Monday, May 5, 2014

The Meat of the Matter

While enjoying a delicious salmon and orzo salad at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art's Best Cafe...

Mom: "You know, sometimes I really think I could be a vegetarian...the kind that only eat eggs and fish..."

Darren: "Oh, I could be an Episcopalian...."

Mom: "Hon, Episcopalian is a denomination. Think you mean a pescatarian..."

Darren: "Yeah, a pescatarian...they can have lamb, right?"

Mom: "No."

Darren: "Duck?"

Mom: "No. Those are both full-on meats. Not only that, your favorites are all the Easter animals!"

"We HAVE to eat the chickens. They outnumber humans 100+ to 1.

Mom: "Wow, did you learn that in science? "

Darren: "Yeah, but we don't eat bugs, and they outnumber humans 3 million to 1."

Mom: "Man, you are learning some cool stuff in science."

Darren: "Mom, I didn't learn that in science. We learned that in Disney World."

Education everywhere.

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