Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Correspondence, Part Deux

In a post earlier this week, we mentioned only one of our twosome elected to take the recommended correspondence supplies to sleepaway camp.

Truth told, I was pleased to see yet again the varied personality traits our kids exhibit; one twin wanted to be prepared should the mail muse strike, the other twin harbored no delusion, knew too much fun would preclude the desire to write home.

 Not to underestimate our pen and paper prepared twin, I fully expected to find the Ziploc with envelopes and stamps crumpled amongst the dirty clothes on arrival home.

 Until this arrived...

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Twins Squared said...

What a great letter! Funny! My big girls are starting to enter the "tween" phase. This is all so weird to me yet pretty fun too. I think next year they are going to go to an overnight camp. What a treasure those letters will be!