Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Makes My Monday, My Month, My Millennium....

In 2005, when our twins were freshly 4, Double Daddy was diagnosed with Stage IIa malignant melanoma. 
Since that day, he has been facing cancer head on and full bore.

He's undergone biopsies galore. MRIs/CTs/PET scans beyond counting. Multiple surgeries---including a radical neck resection in 2009. Targeted radiation. An NIH/National Cancer Institute clinical trial. A year later, another recurrence. Progression to stage IV in 2012.

Aggressive treatment with 27 bags of inpatient IL-2 at UVA. Still more MRIs/CTs/PET scans. A little less than a year later, another recurrence.

In July 2013, began Bristol-Myers Squibb's Nivo/Opdivo (PD1) + Yervoy clinical trial at UV

Then yesterday morning, this.... 

NED. In cancer-smasher language, that translates to No Evidence of Disease.

The Doxology and Hallelujah Chorus haven't stopped looping through my mind's ears....feeling them to innermost fiber of my being. 

Thanks be to God. To the inimitable and incomparable, Dr. Grosh. To Bristol-Myers Squibb. To groundbreaking Drs. Rosenberg and Yang. To the staff and researchers at the NCI at NIH. To the nurses of 8West at UVA. To all the at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer team. To our church. To our family. To all our extended group of friends who've prayed, kept positive thoughts, hugged and loved and cried by our sides....and who've loved and taken care of our children. You each know who you are, and I thank God for each and every one of you.  

This past Friday, our twins turned THIRTEEN.
Thanks be to Scott...a Double Daddy who's faced every single aspect of this fight---and  trust me, it has been a fight with way too many slaps and blows to mention each individually---with unfathomable strength, integrity, hope, resilience, and his unflagging hallmark, humor.

Life is good....very, very good. We're abundantly grateful.
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Tonya Staab said...

Best news EVER! xo

Threeundertwo said...

This wonderful news makes MY day! So happy for your whole family and happy birthday to the new teenagers in your house!

Christina Baglivi Tinglof said...

I can't imagine the joy you feel! So very happy for you and your family, Cheryl.

Barbara Manatee said...

Great news for Scott and for you all! And Happy (belated) birthday to your dynamic duo!!