Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One for The Bouqs

Flowers. I've always been a sucker for 'em.

When Double Daddy and I were dating (way before the twins were even a pair of twinkles) we lived on opposite coasts for a lengthy, crippling long-distance-bill-beset six months.

Shortly before working his way back east, my man sent two dozen roses..."One for each hour of the day I am missing you." Pretty romantic, eh?

Needless to say, my bar for blossom impact is set very, very high.

Approached by Adam of TheBouqs for a possible review, my rarely enticed interest was piqued...

As a fairly frequent flower sender, and occasionally even a self-splurger, I've been disappointed more than once with online posy purveyors. Too often the flowers received are fewer than expected...and the exhorbitant delivery costs seem to deprive me of what would surely equal extra stems.

With honesty as our policy, and my buddy at TheBouqs warned accordingly, we ordered our complimentary Bouq---"Desperado"---for review.

Before too long, and on the exact date promised, my Bouq box arrived...

Strapped in SUPER tightly inside (in the interest of honesty, almost too tightly...)

After sawing for some time at the stabilizing strap, my beautiful bouquet was finally freed...

No filter applied. Those volcanically (go to TheBouqs website, you'll see what I mean...) vibrant colors are unaltered. (Vase water remained clear for duration. Truth.) After trimming the excess greenery and mixing in the provided flower food, on Day 1, here's my "Desperado"...

...and here they are a full EIGHT days later. 

Remarkably, prettier than on the day we received them.

The next time you want to order flowers for someone special---and that includes yourself---give TheBouqs a try. From this day on, they're our online florist of choice. 

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