Thursday, February 26, 2015

The DL on DK

The Down Low...on Dorling Kindersley.

From their lavishly illustrated board books for toddlers, to their more maturely composed texts for tween (and older) audiences, the books published by Dorling Kindersley have long been amongst our family favorites. (When forced to pare down our little ones' beyond ample library, the DK selections are often the hardest with which to part.)

Now, in our app-saturated era, wherein computer and hand-held devices occupy far more than their fair share of our twin teens' mind time, the darlings at DK are throwing their game-threatening gauntlet into the ring.

Behold, DKFindOut... a FREE online encyclopedia resplendent with more than 300 animations, 300 sounds, 9000 photos, 100 videos, and 3000 articles. 

Despite the declared target ages of 7-11, I (age 50) find it hard to resist!

With the distinct possibility of yet another snow day for us tomorrow, I am THRILLED to have a compelling, entertaining, interest-driven resource for my cabin-fevered twosome....and me!

Truly, go check it out....I'm confident you'll find it fun.

If you---or your kid(s)---find something particularly wonderful, share it in a comment. You'll be entered to win a free DKFindOut canvas tote! (Deadline: March 14th) A winner will be selected via

Enjoy the entertaining AND educational site, and let me know what you think!

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