Monday, March 16, 2015

Twinspiration Continues and Makes My Monday

Yesterday marked ten years---TEN YEARS---since the final manuscript for Twinspiration was submitted for publication. (Of course the day before yesterday marked ten years since Double Daddy composed all of his insightful, paternal perspective a single night. Think it's fairly obvious who the REAL writer is in our family....)

Now, three printings later, an updated, second-edition is being contracted....a happy reunion with the lovely folk at Taylor Trade Publishing, an imprint of Rowman Littlefield. They are the courageous crew who took a leap of faith with an unproven, minimally platformed "everymom" who just happened to want to share the amazing experience of parenting twins with others similarly blessed parents and parents-to-be.

In addition to the much-needed update of the existing text, there will be some snippets of new content. We're open to suggestions! What topics (related to twin pregnancy and the early days, not touching twin teen-hood!) would you like to see addressed?

Enormous thanks to my agent extraordinaire, Erin Reel, for making the magic happen yet again...and to all who read and supported the first edition of Twinspiration.  And of course, love-everlasting to my darling, the twins' double daddy extraordinaire, Scott, and our precious, now teen Twinspirations, Darren and Sarah.

[Photo by Andy Pigsley]
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