Friday, June 5, 2015

National Donut Day: A Hasty and Tasty Haiku

  Cylindrical rings,
Your existence cheers my life—
From earliest youth 
Location where we first met
I was but a child.

Each high school morning,
Diet Coke in a Big Gulp
Two from Pam E K’s

My engagement tale
Perhaps not so typical
Includes a dozen

Arranged on a plate
A velvet box in middle
“Pick your favorite!”

Dunkin’ Donuts’ best
Powdered, with crème in center
Almost missed the ring!

Richmond, Virginia
Ideal for Doughnut Lovers
How blessed to live here!

Krispy Kreme on Broad Street
Chocolate iced with sprinkles 
How can one resist?
Daily drive-thru trips
Fat stoker of my breast milk
You kept twins alive
Then, Dixie Donuts
So convenient after church
Communion dessert
Who knew Sugar Shack
Would bring so much to table?
Maple bacon, please.

Daily Facebook prompts
Earn participants freebies
Treats and staff, so sweet.
Today is June 5th
It’s National Doughnut Day
Cause to celebrate!
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