Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Way Back When-esday - Back to Backs and Fronts

Dateline: First Day of Kindergarten - September 2007
Twins' Age: Freshly 6

Dateline: First Day of 8th Grade - September 2015
Twins' Age: Freshly 14

My babies' growth in grade-level and stature warms my heart this mid-week.

Did you realize Twinfatuation was the originating host of Way Back When-esday?

We've been looking back with love since 2007... so please join in, play along!

Dive into those digital files and share a photo find on your blog and/or on our the new Twinfatuation Facebook Community Page. encourage your fellow moms of multiples to do the same!  

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1 comment:

Threeundertwo said...

You get bonus points for the pair of smiles. It's so fun to see how they've grown!