Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Raising Twins in Times of Terror

This morning, while straightening She-Twin's hair, I shared, "Honey, there was a terror attack in Brussels---at their airport and in their subway system---last night while we slept."

Her numbed, without-missing-a-beat response? "Of course there was."

For our kids, waking to news like this is grotesquely expected. Nothing out of the ordinary.

As parents, we tread so gently, even with teen twins, in efforts to not scare, but to inform...to be aware...to call to prayer...to action...to empathy...to seek justice, compassion....to prepare them for wise selection and election of leaders in the future.

Our kids were six days old on September 11th. Sadly, terror is the new normal.

Wish protecting them---and all the other children of the world---was as easy as making sure they had well-fitted bike helmets.

God be with the people of Brussels---and the victims of terror everywhere.

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