Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Twin Review - Multiples Illuminated

Multiples' mamas Megan Woolsey (The Hip Mothership) and Alison Lee have done it---they've collected essays, articles, even poems from a wide array of fellow multiples-blessed writers on a near-equally wide array of multiples-related topics in the newly released, Multiples Illuminated.

Confronting infertility? Trying to conceive? Plurally pregnant? NICU needed for your multiples? Trying to navigate those new twins/triplets parenting challenges? Multiple multiples' mamas share their experience-earned support, advice, and empathy.

Even for those of us whose doubly- or triply-born babies are now "big," the variety of perspectives the contributors have shared awakens happy memories of life with little ones x 2, x 3, or more.

For those yet to meet your little ones, get a! You'll be so very glad you did.

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