Thursday, July 7, 2016

Funny Men and Comics

Last night, an abundantly talented co-worker* had a signing for the newest issue of his graphic novel series, Super Human Resources.        [*If you've seen GEICO's "Hump Day" or "Spy", you've seen his work.]

He-Twin's long-been a fan of comedy and comic books---and to his great delight, a graphic novel is required within his secondary school summer reading list. Off to Velocity Comics we went.

Not only did Mr. Marcus remember Darren as a former scratch-track/voice-over reader, he took the time to walk him through the store, sharing some of his favorite comic choices.

With an impressive stack of new selections (and our wallet significantly lighter!), we headed home. He-Twin---impervious to reading-in-the-car-induced motion sickness---couldn't wait to start Mr. Marcus' books. 
At a stoplight, snapped this as he was transfixed and laughing aloud before we were even a mile away.

The first Super Human Resources under his belt in short order, he wasted no time jumping into the next issue. 
This morning, en route to the orthodontist to remedy a painful braces-mishap, I was regaled about "Rappin' Reindeer" and other funny excerpts already committed to memory. 

If your kids have to "Slay the Slide" (Richmond Public Schools Summer Reading), DEFINITELY consider Super Human Resources for your graphic novel requirement. Abundant thanks to Ken Marcus for taking the extra time to make Darren's introduction to the series (and to other series of note) so very special.

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