Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Way Back When-esday - Ten Years of Twinspiration

Dateline: August 2006
Twins' Age: 4

How has it been ten years? has since been replaced with this blog; and now, after three printings, the first edition of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year (c. 2006, Taylor Trade) has been replaced by the new Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year and Beyond (c. 2016, Taylor Trade).

The darling duo that inspired the text's original composition can no longer fit so comfortably on my lap, but meet-and-greet signings of the new text will be placed on the calendar soon.

Along with the new book's release, fresh opportunities to win a copy before its official release date of August 1!

Want to win a signed copy for you or a friend? Leave a comment here, or on the Twinfatuation Facebook community page, or both! On Sunday, July 31st, a winner will be selected via

The fresh chance to connect with fellow twin parents warms my heart this mid-week.

Did you realize Twinfatuation was the originating host of Way Back When-esday?

We've been looking back with love since 2007... so please join in, play along!

Dive into those digital files and share a photo find on your blog and/or on our the new Twinfatuation Facebook Community Page...and encourage fellow moms to do the same! 

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