Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter...

So when I volunteered to help Sarah's class create holiday gingerbread houses, I had no idea they'd be making individual structures...or that the generations-adored, cafeteria-doled, single-serve milk cartons would provide the framework for the structures.

The first hour of my service was wielding the hot-glue gun, re-sealing the empty cartons, and then adhering each of them to a paper plate foundation. Each table was then equipped with generous dollops of pre-fab frosting (a.k.a. mortar) and graham crackers (a.k.a. exterior facade).

Each li'l architect was given a portion of enticing (and tasty) embellishments to adorn their diminutive domicile. (And of course, many felt the urge to consume their delicious decor rather than decorate.)

All the kindergarten classes did the same project, and each child with justifiable pride brought home their handiwork. As you can see from the above, both of our twins are clearly adherents of Mies van der Rohe---Sarah in the "Less is More" manifestion, and Darren employing the "God is in the Details" mode.

Shortly (as in minutes) after this photo was taken, Darren' s ornate project was consumed by its ravenous, snack-desiring creator. Sarah's? She's since added a resident (also of the gingerbread variety) and has requested the piece be placed on view, well out of reach of her taste-tempted brother.

Please, don't eat the art.

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