Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Twinline, Twin-synch...

Sunday afternoon was unseasonably temperate; so the "boys" decided to fly a kite, and the "girls" thought it was as good an occasion as any to try out some roller skates.

Darren possesses a natural aeronautic ability/affinity. He can gauge the breezes and was quite adept at getting his non-stormy weather Ben Franklin on.
Sarah, in typical form, displayed no fear. She was a wild-woman on wheels -- running, jumping, hopscotching -- all the time knowing her landing might not be a stickable one. (and when it wasn't, she predictably played the sprawl for maximum impact.)
But as tends to be the way, after some significant one-on-one parent time, by session's end, it was time to share the tales of playtime success...together.
Twin hand-holding melts a mama's heart...everytime.


ETownDZ said...

Too cute! Though people tell me I'll miss the infant stage (and I have to admit that 5 months is a dramatic improvement over, say, 9 weeks), I cannot wait until they're old enough to really interact.

Michael C said...

Amen to the twin hand holding. It does the same to a dad's heart too ;-)
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Feel free to do so anytime!!!!

Michael C said...

I forgot to add that I'll be stopping by here often!

Cheryl Lage said...

Please do! The Wonderful World of Nothing has just assumed a well-deserved place on our list of Sites & Blogs We Dig Double-Style!
Kiss those girls!

Donna said...

Hey girl - just checkin in to see whatz up in your world. As usual, the gang is looking great! And I must agree, a twin-hand-holdin is like the best ray of sunshine!