Thursday, January 17, 2008

TWinter Wonderland

At long-awaited last, a few flurries are upon us. Amazing how the prospect of strolling to school in the snow motivates a more rapidly accomplished morning ritual!

In my youth, when flakes were in the forecast, we'd go to bed optimistically -- hoping white would be seen from our windows upon rising. Now? Apparently wearing one's pajamas inside-out is the snow-producing equivalent of a Native-American raindance.

Encouraged by their kindergarten teachers to "Give it a try!" Sarah and Darren donned their jammies accordingly and bedded down last night with great anticipation. 7:00am came and went with nary a snowflake. Then, as shoe straps were being Velcro-ed Darren erupted, "IT'S SNOOOWWWING!!!!!" We ran for the windows, and sure enough...white stuff.

Pajamas are powerful.

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Surcie said...

Hey, Cheryl! Your kids are adorable, and I'm glad they made it snow! ; ) I was excited about the ice on my windshield this morning. That's about as close to snow as this town's gonna get.

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I loved it!