Monday, February 11, 2008

National Fish Day

Yes, it's Lent; but this twin-declared holiday has nothing to do with requisite Friday consumption. As the proud owners of two Siamese Fighting Fish (a.k.a. bettas) in separate bowls of course, our duo decided to spend a day in appreciation of their fantastically finned friends.

Apparently, on National Fish Day, you are supposed to go to PetSmart and get in-bowl "toys" for your fish. Timmy (Sarah's pet) and Christopher (Darren's pet) have lived lives long-surpassing those of their predecessors...a fact I attribute largely to their "water-only" bowls. Upon explaining my reasoning behind their longevity, the twins quickly redirected their energies to creating posters extolling the virtues of their individual little swimmers. In a way that only six-year-olds can.

Sarah's homage reads:
"You make me happy and you make me smile everyday. You are my favorite fish. I love you Timmy."

And Darren's?

"Dear Christopher,
You are great and not stupid like Timmy. When you swim it makes me happy."

Stupidity or no, suppose it's a good thing Timmy can't read.

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