Friday, February 22, 2008

Backbreak Hotel

Since my babies grew big, I've found a new place to dwell...

A week ago today, the inevitable happened. The day when the simple rising from a chair resulted in debilitating --verily, verily, temporarily crippling -- back pain. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Truly, I was just starting to get into a semi-consistent swing of blogging -- a Superbowl image was taunting me on the desktop -- just awaiting an entry (*Sarah lost her first top front tooth at dear friends' Superbowl party..see below)

The kids attended not only one, but TWO Mardi Gras parties (*The second at which Sarah lost her second top front tooth. ) The masked multiples photo taken at the first function (note dangling teeth) below also begged a post...

Alas, that's as close to a blog entry that either of those images will receive at this belabored stage of the game...

Back (ugh, the mere mention...) to last Friday: we'd just come home from two uber-laudatory parent/teacher conferences and within minutes, sproing. Back gone awry. Beloved Scott had just recovered from back surgery and boom, I took empathy a step too far. God bless him, and the kids...after three days of searing pain, sharp headaches, nausea when trying to stand and walking hunched with my hands on my knees to the bathroom, we realized rest and pilfering Scott's leftover meds were not going to rectify the issue.

Enter Dr. Isaacs: the musculo-skeletal/neuro/osteo/chiro MD who will ever hold a place of reverence in my heart for reasons I won't even go into here. After numerous "adjustments" and "manipulations," I was actually able to feel increased movement (albeit with a dull ache replacing the stabbing pain) before even leaving the office. Apparently, the cumulative result of numerous compounded over time "injuries," he "untwisted" numerous vertabrae, repositioned my pelvic bone/sacroiliac (how old does that make me feel?), and injected some Novocaine into a spasming muscle. Sent home with a low dose round of anti-inflammatory steroids just to ease any/all disc swelling irritation for good measure.

My message to twin mamas as a result of all this? Once your twins are 39 and 55 pounds respectively, perhaps it's time to stop the multiple times daily heave ho-ing. (Or at the very least, end the "Hey, why don't you try to stay up there with neither of us using our hands, and then I'll let you drop off onto the couch?" game.)

This whole "getting big" thing is so very bittersweet; I remember carrying them both simultaneously with ease...and now? Well now, it's heartbreak hotel.

Thank goodness they still love piling into the bed in the morning...after the clock says "7 - 0- 0" that is!

So anyone that has any good "core strengthening" recommendations, pass them my way please.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, so so sad. I have nothing to offer but my total sympathy. My back goes out every couple of months (and my kids are only 13 and 17 pounds!), and it's just awful. Sounds like you had a real doozy, too.

I hear pilates is really the way to go for core strength. I also find the (yoga? pilates?) poses "bridge" and "plank" to be really good for strengthening abs and lower back. But they aren't easy (especially plank), so ease into it, lest you do more harm than good.