Thursday, March 6, 2008

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

She's always been artistically gifted. This from a mama who's admittedly biased, but also capable of assessing creative output of all varieties from an empirically honest perspective. (Who has her B.A. in the highly-paid field of Art History? One guess.)

A bit of backstory:
Religious viewers of Sesame Street may recall the vignette within which Big Bird is engaged in a moment of art appreciation with the viewership and his artist friend, Chuck. (The awe-inspiring, internationally-lauded, Chuck Close) One of my proudest maternal moments to date occurred one day while wheeling our then three-year-old twins in their DuoGlider through the marble-floored contemporary galleries of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. As we crested a corner, there hung the enormous, wall-encompassing image (shown being assembled) below:

In twin unison they both erupted, "Mommy, there's CHUCK !!!!"
Surely the security officers and curatorial types sharing the spaces with us that day had to believe these stroller-bound tots must personally know or be somehow related to the world-renowned artist in order to garner such familiar recognition...but I knew the truth. Vasari and his art documenting descendants better get ready to add my little art historians (and skilled critics) to their accomplished corps.

But I digress. Simply stated, Sarah is a phenomenal artist. And now, she's got the trophy (and ribbon) to prove it! [Details omitted here in the interest of some remaining modicum of maternal modesty, but can be provided -- ad nauseum -- upon request.]

***But I will share that yes, she's receiving her award at Richmond's City Hall, and it's being bestowed by the Superintendent of Schools, and the red-jacketed gal beaming with pride behind our girl is our district's representative to the School Board....

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J + T Silverman said...

so fantastic! i, too, am one of those highly-paid art history majors, so i can fully appreciate what a proud moment this was for you. we've got a calder-esque mobile hanging between the boys' cribs and i just can't wait for the day when we walk into an art museum and they scream, "CALDER!"

on another note, thanks for your kind words re: the moo moo post. i was so glad to plug twinspiration as many times as i could. it has been such a great resource for us!