Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Unlikely Mirror...

While I haven't elaborated on it here, Darren's kindergarten class has been afflicted with a bad (and premature) case of the bullies. Thankfully, the principal is on it; so we're confident all will be rectified soon. But as is any mama's way, I try to touch on how the classroom (and more likely, playground) dynamic was following each and every school day.

In efforts to engender a genuine spirit of "I've been there, and I'm sorry you're enduring this, too," here was a recent over-snack conversation with Darren:

Mama: "So how were things today at school today?"

Darren: "Okay. Nobody really picked on me."

Mama: "What about your friends? Are things getting better for everybody?"

Darren: "Well, ______ picked on _____ a little bit."

Mama: "You know, when I was your age and even older, I got picked on, too. Sadly I think it happens to most kids at some point. If you can remember how icky it feels, maybe it will help you remember never to say mean things to your classmates."

Darren: "So what did they pick on you about? That you are a slow runner?"

Mama: "Oh absolutely. I was almost always last in running. And other things, too."

Darren: With sad expression, and palpable sympathy, "Like your hair?"

Mama: "Well, no...but if they saw me now, they might, huh?"

Darren: "Probably."


Michelle in Mx said...

I'd get teased for my hair too . . This blog party is HUGE! But the cool thing is you do get to meet new people . . . Hope your having fun! Nice to have met you. Party on!

Cindy Fey said...

Too funny.