Monday, June 23, 2008

Not All Sunshine and Roses

...and just when I thought our acquisition of the Milton Bradley classic Mr. Mouth would be a source of nothing else but...

After telling the kids that no, we are not going out to lunch today, that we have lots of delicious fruit and goodies in-house, and after getting some significant "push back," I went upstairs...telling them when I came back down I was hoping for better attitudes.

With my teeth freshly re-brushed (how's that for a constructive usage of Mommy-out-of-the-picture time?), I descended the stairs to see two children happily snapping their "flies" into the rotating, grinning and occasionally gaping froggy's mouth.

Mommy: "Now THAT is what I like to see! Way to change your attitudes, Guys."

Darren (under his breath): "They're you."

Mommy: "What?"

Sarah (ever the clarifier/interpreter): "The flies. They're you. We're feeding you to the frog."

Darren: "And then when he's eaten you all up, he's going to hurl you out."


Despite the Wiggles' melodic opining to the contrary, suppose fruit salad isn't always perceived as "yummy, yummy" after all. (Especially after you've just brushed your teeth...)

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Jen C. said...

You have such an unbelievable way with words and such hilarious children. Thanks for always having a great attitude and patience and uplifting me every time I read your blog (which is sometimes several times/day!!)

Cheryl Lage said...

Aww, Jen! You made my day...which after being fed in small pieces to a frog might not SEEM like much, but it is!

Admittedly and immodestly, my kids ARE hilarious...a trait they get from their daddy -- who's a RIOT, to the point he's even done stand-up.

Hope you are doing well, and thank you so much for checking in so often...I'll try to keep it worth your while!