Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going for the Goats

Debi at Who Says 8 Is Enough? is hosting a baby picture Sunday...with the theme of "Here Comes Trouble!" or as most twin parents will attest, the oft-bandied phrase "Double Trouble!"

Our two may not be exactly babies in this image, but attached to "Blackie" and "Whitie" since their local farm-park birth, Sarah and Darren look all too close to climbing in with their fellow tandem-born, head-butting buddies (typing that, it seems more obvious than ever why they feel such a connection to these li'l goats!).
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BoufMom9 said...

Great picture! Love the analogy! Funny :)

You know what's funny? I never even thought about the term "Double trouble"! How is that even possible when a gazillion people say it to me when ever I am out with E&W? LOL

Thanks for playing along!

Jenny said...

I love goats. They are such a blessing to mankind in many ways! People who can't drink cow's milk can often drink goat's milk (even babies!), goat cheese is delicious, and goat's milk soap keeps my baby clean and sweet-smelling without drying her skin. And besides, they are cute! We took her to the local goat farm a few months ago and she loved petting them.

noble pig said...

So sweet. My boys still love baby goats. And man, I'm all about the cheese!

Jenn H said...

LOL, they do look like they are about to pop through the fence for a visit! We played along to today, I already had pictures picked out and then our twins were quite mischievous yesterday afternoon so I got that on video and put it on our blog too. Sometimes they really are double trouble ;)