Friday, September 12, 2008

Munchkins and Me a la Meme...

Gorgeous Giovanna (and truly, she so embodies her name) at Giovanna Diaries tagged me for a meme. She had no idea that I love memes so very much that I actually save them for a treat...kind of like I do with InStyle magazine, or an unopened bag of Double Stuf Oreos -- but I digress....

1.) Post a picture of you and your kids

The most recent (and one of the only) of the three of us together, is in the top left corner of the blog. We have a black and white publicity shot that makes me weepy with love, but it doesn't resemble any of us anymore. The one above is from Scott's cel, on the tram to Busch Gardens proper. The one below, taken by Darren (so he's not pictured) I've added for extra credit. Check out my beak, and how Sarah is teasing me with the last circus peanut (ambrosia).

2.) How many children do you have?
Two, fraternal boy/girl twins.

3.) What are their ages?
They've freshly turned seven.

4.) What do you eat for breakfast?
Always coffee, and in the solids department, either cinnamon frozen waffles (because the kids' smell so good when they have them), Kashi Go Lean Crunch or Frosted Mini-Wheats.

5.) Do they watch TV?
Sure they do! And truly, I make no apologies about it. (Although I will offer some details; they only watch after they're ready for school, after their homework is done, etc. during the week...and we watch/listen along with them. They can't just watch whatever they want.)

6.) What are their favorite activities?
Sarah: Oh dear heaven, she draws all the time. A quote from the other day, "You know, Mama, when I'm doing art, I don't even pay any attention to the TV if it's on. My art is very important to me." Indeed, it is.

Darren: Loves to read, loves TV, loves swimming. He likes to do art, too.

7.) Do you get a break away from them during the day?
During the school year, yes. During summer, not until they're in bed, but they go to bed between 8 and 8:30pm, so that leaves a lot of Mama/Daddy/Grown-up time. No complaints from me.

8.) How do you end your day?
Usually watching TV with Double Daddy downstairs, then upstairs for 30 girly-style bedside push-ups (the women in our family all have batwings; it's a vain attempt to fight the inevitable.), and then some Showbiz Tonight with the sleep timer set on the remote.

9.) What is your best parenting advice or tip?
Love and enjoy your kids to distraction, but remember you're their parent, not their buddy. You can -- and should -- respect your children without putting them on equal footing. No negotiations with tiny terrorists! You are the adult and have the life experience; use your role as the loving authority to equip them for a healthy future.

Now I get to tag five people!

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...and for others that love the quiz-ness of the meme business, jump aboard and just add a comment so we can all go read!

Happy Friday!
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Maternal Mirth said...

I am still amazed at people who have twins ... I am so game!

Just give me a few days. I am up to my eyeballs with a monster To-do list at the moment :(

Threeundertwo said...

This is a good one! Give me a few days. . .

Goddess in Progress said...

Amen again and again to no. 9!

I really struggled with this when I worked in a high school - so many parents were afraid to say "no" to their kids!! Ugh. I figure, if they think I'm mean, then I'm doing my job. :-)

Nancy said...

I LOVE that you don't apologize for your kids' TV watching :)

Giovanna Diaries said...

Gorgeous Giovanna! I like it! Now, can you get my husband to call me that?

Bia said... negotiations with tiny terrorists...I love it!

Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend.

Merrie said...

"No negotiations with tiny terrorists." I love that! You're so right -- we have to draw the line and not be their "friends," which I have seen too many people do.

noble pig said...

Good stuff, I let my kids watch TV too! In moderation it's great.

Laura said...

I overdosed on the Kashi and I can't even stomach the smell now.
(It was a short love affair.)

GOT THE FROWNIES!! I refuse to post my wrinkly forehead on the internet but down the road I promise to deliver an amazing reflective essay on my experience.

bestfamily said...

Love the pic of Sarah teasing you! The smile on your face is pure enjoyment.

BoufMom9 said...

GREAT post! Love getting a closer peek into your life...

Aimee said...

Oh YAY! A meme :) I think of them as treats, too. Although I will admit that it might be hard to find a pic of me with all the kiddos. I don't think I've had my picture taken with them in . . . EVER! Yikes! That's depressing, I'll work on it :)

Kelsey said...

I just love those photos! I love that you let them watch TV, there are so many people out here who refuse to even have a TV.

Linda said...

That's a nice photo of you three for the first one!

* TONYA * said...

I don't apologize for my kids watching tv either.

I loved Sarah's response about not paying attention to tv when she's doing her art. She's so adorable.