Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Yeah, But The Book Was So Much Better..."

How many times have you excitedly told a friend/colleague/acquaintance that you just saw a marvelously entertaining movie only to be deflated by a response like the title of this post?

Thanks to RedBox, we recently rented our first non-Disney film interpretation after reading the book. In this instance, as the cover bears witness, the text (at least our version of it) was an afterthought to the cinematic release.

Unfamiliar with the societal supposition that paper version invariably surpasses the popcorn vehicle, I brazenly asked Darren and Sarah if one was preferable to the other.

Their consensus? They were a little different, but both were very, very good.

We should all be as courteous in our entertainment assessments.

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Kelsey said...

We saw the movie and it freaked Dennis out, we had to leave halfway through. But What I saw I adored!

noble pig said...

My kids love this film, so do I!

* TONYA * said...

I haven't seen this but I really want to .. yes I'm a big kid.

Laura said...

I wanted to see this, but didn't it receive terrible reviews?
Why do I let some cranky critic dictate what I see?
I'm seeing it baby.
Darren and Sarah gave the thumbs up.
Ask them what they think of "Burn After Reading."

BoufMom9 said...

I have been so disappointed so many times when I read a book and then see a movie. Glad the kids were still please with the movie. (I have yet to see it)

Cheryl Lage said...

You know, I really did like it! So many movies (animated ones especially) delve into (to my view) gratuitous "rude" talk to either appeal to adults (not me!) who are likely viewing with their kids, or to give the kids a "taste" of the tasteless. Cheap.

This was a very kind-spirited my opinion!