Friday, October 17, 2008

Yuk Run Amok!

Oh, how I've looked forward to Yuktoberfest! Sonnets are too sentimental; limericks lean crassly. Bad haiku for me and you! Her Highness of Haiku, Laura of Catholic Teacher Musings, is once again bringing the syllabic sensation to the fore by challenging all of blogdom to compose a bad one...or two or three. Here are our Yuktoberfest offerings:

Dirty fingernails
Are not really a costume
Try Again, Mama.

No unwrapped for you
I love you, so safety first
I’ll eat it later.

“Trick or Treat” gone wrong
“Smell my feet?” Don’t dare try it
If you want candy.

No matter how cute
You forget to say “Thank you”
I can be a witch

Go ahead, say "Boo!"
For Yuktoberfest, the goal
Pen a line, or three!
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Bia said...

I like the "smell my feet" one . . . I remember that little rhyme all too well.

Love that photo. When my boys were little, they were more interested in PLAYING with the candy than with EATING the candy. They have since figured it out.

Octamom said...

Haahaaaha! These are awesome!

I think I would need a whole bunch more coffee to even begin to compose!


Aimee said...

Love these! The "thank you" one reminded me that when Fiver was smaller, he used to say:

"Trick or treat! Thanks! Love you!"

at every single house :) He got way more candy than the rest of them!

Nancy said...

LOL! Those are awesome. I think I like the smell my feet one the best. *grin*

BoufMom9 said...

Cute picture and great lines!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Beautiful Bad Haikus!

Lisa said...

These are great! I must be getting old, though... It took me a minute to catch onto the "smell my feet" thing.

Laura said...

winners are up.

* TONYA * said...

Ha, love that dirty fingernails one.