Friday, November 7, 2008

Europe on the Cheap

This morning after breakfast, while watching PBS's Postcards from Buster...

Darren: "You know what, Mama? Italy looks a lot like Busch Gardens."

He's got a point. Kudos to the landscape designers of Busch Gardens Europe. Can you tell which is which?

Today, I'm thankful...

Darren and I get to go to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party tonight.

Sarah didn't throw a fit about not being invited, but quickly turned to her dad and exclaimed, "Daddy! That means you and I get to have 'Daddy-Daughter' time!"

Double Daddy is equally excited about 'Daddy-Daughter' time; and that he did not lose his job when 600+ employees were let go today from Circuit City HQ.
[Please keep a good thought for friends and colleagues now entering the job market -- perhaps unexpectedly.]

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rachael said...

ooh, have fun tonight! all 4 of you!

glad to hear that double daddy still has a job...everyone is in my thoughts and prayers now as we enter such treacherous ecnomic territory!

Goddess in Progress said...

Ha! I love that Italy took its inspiration from Busch Gardens. :-)

Very glad to hear Daddy was not a victim of layoffs.

Tracey said...

Wow 600 folks...that is tough for everyone. Have fun tonight...I hear Darren has a mean Skeeball arm!
Let's play soon!!

Aimee said...

He's right -- Italy does look like Busch gardens!! We love that place - we like to stop and eat in every country! :)

Happy to hear DD's job is safe and have fun at the party!

Gail said...

Darren's such a smart boy!! I wouldn't have thought to make that connection, but maybe it's just the adult in me. lol

I'm sooooooo glad to hear Double Daddy still has his job. I will keep not only your friends in my thoughts and prayers, but also your family. Hopefully there will not be any other layoffs. *HUGS*

Everybody have fun tonight!! :)

cc said...

I couldn't tell which pic is which. I haven't been to either... so I guess it is only fair that I don't know what they look like.

Glad double Daddy still has his job! the other poor 600+... how sad just before the holidays!

noble pig said...

I agree, it does look a way. or from the pictures I have seen.

And thank goodness for your hubby but all those poor people.

Laura said...

What madness do you think the daddy/daughter date will bring?
I hope they go crazy!!!
M & M fights.
Silly String battles.
Toilet papering...
The WORKS!!!

nikole said...

can't wait to hear about the daughter-daddy date!

so thankful that scott made it through the layoff. good thoughts for those searching for work again.

ps - i am just lovin' your grateful lists!

Nancy said...

Go Sarah! That's awesome :) And seems so grown up too.

LOL Italy and Busch Gardens...nope, I can't tell which one is which.

I just read about Circuit guys are in my thoughts. As are the friends and colleagues.

Kim H. said...

Ooh, I didn't know your dh works for Circuit City - I LOVE THAT STORE! I just read this morning that they filed bankruptcy. Here's keeping fingers crossed and I'm sending lots of prayers you're way - I'm adding you guys to my "list".

Keep smiling! :)