Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy Three-sy

Emily of Essential E (who so often inspires me with her posts -- if you haven't been to her blournal, please go visit) has put up a fun challenge for a rainy Saturday. Here's what you're supposed to do: Copy this and paste it into your own post. Delete my answers and type in yours, then tag a few good friends and family.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each.
Three Names I go by
1. Cheryl
2. Ross (and the diminutive, Rossi), my maiden name
3. Mommy

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. Pharmacy tech
2. Cashier (in many locations, Trak Auto, Bud's Deep Discount, Model Masters...)
3. Waitress (no better preparation for twin motherhood...)

Three Places I have lived
1. Alexandria
2. Williamsburg
3. Richmond
(all in

Three TV Shows that I watch
1. 24
2. Rescue Me
3. Entourage

...and non-scripted (you may call it reality if you wish...) shows I watch
1. Rock of Love - Bus
2. Sober House (and Celebrity Rehab)
3. Confessions of a Teen Idol

Three places I have been
1. Ireland
2. England
3. Great Wolf Lodge

Three books I have especially enjoyed
1. The Screwtape Letters
2. Living Buddha, Living Christ
3. The Tale of Despereaux

People who e-mail me regularly
1. Fellow members of groups (e.g. the church, the museum, book club, other school parents)
2. Girlfriends
3. Blog friends and commenters

Three of my favorite foods
1. Kung Pao Tofu from Lakeside Chinese (extra spicy, light on the sauce)
2. Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles from Krispy Kreme
3. Plain M&Ms in the colors of the season

Three friends I think might re-post
1. NOT
2. TOO
3. SURE....
*Consider yourselves challenged!

Three things I am looking forward to
1. The end of sickie season
2. Next weekend's "Fishful Thinking" Symposium in NY
3. Scott walking through the door any minute, returning from three days on a shoot in Pittsburgh

As did Emily, I'm not officially tagging anyone, but am thoroughly encouraging anyone who wants to, join in! (And be sure to comment accordingly if you do so we can go see your answers, and your friends'...and as the old Faberge Organics commercial chanted, "and so on, and so on, and so on...")
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Missy said...

Love it! I like learning some new stuff about you. I am going to play along too!!!

MommyAmy said...

Ok, I'll play along... :)

MereCat said...

I should've known you liked "Living Buddha, Living Christ" too. And Faberge. Faberge?! I remember the clone-like creepiness of the the frames multiplying with each "and so on, and so on."

Of course I'll play.

Emily said...

Thank you so much for the separate TV category for reality TV! I love it and would have to add Tool Academy to your list... :)

Debbie said...

This is fun to learn these things about you. So, big Virginia girl, huh?

Errant said...

oooh that's so much fun ! i love it

Laura said...

I am a fan of sprinkles too.
Donuts with sprinkles would be a desert island food for me.
We could be on the same island.

Rachael said...

i am very much looking forward to the end of sickie season too. i love these little insights!

noble pig said...

It cracks me up you are called Ross. I love it.

Tracy said...


I played along...

Nancy said...

Dunno if I'll play looks awfully familiar, I'll have to see if I've already done it LOL

But I wanted to say that I *LOVE* that photo!!!

cat said...

Thanks = fun way to learn new stuff about you.

Jen B. said...

Great photo! I'm sooo addicted to the exact same TV shows... too funny!