Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cuckoo for Cocoa

This morning, as Sarah eyed her mug of requested homemade hot chocolate

Sarah: "Mommy, why is there so little?"

Mommy (having halved the recipe to dodge a full 2 tablespoons of sugar first thing in the morning before school): "Well, I put the right amount of cocoa powder to sugar, and added the salt and milk correctly. Does it taste okay?"

Sarah: "Oh, it tastes great. There's just so little of it. Could you please put in a smaller mug so it looks like I have more."

Hooray for She-Twin wanting to see her glass as more than half-full.
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Terra said...

go SHE twin! That is super cute! I vow to make home made cocoa this winter...think I will do it?

Zip n Tizzy said...

Great compromise!

monica said...

How funny!

Nancy said...

NICE! Somebody is growing up with the right point of view! (I suspect that's due to great parenting :) )

ChefDruck said...

She is a born marketer. Save this example for her Harvard Business School entrance essay!