Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Way Back When-esday: All's Fair

Dateline: October 2004
Twins' Age: 3 Years Old

Hit me as I saw the tall shadows of our 8-year-old twins on Monday's post, it's been five years since our first foray to the state fair as a family of four. No more strollers needed, but we still experience the same excitement and fun factor.

Knowing these two smiling then first-timers have since traded their DuoGlider seats for Ferris Wheel seats---for kids measuring 48" or taller, thank you---warms my Wednesday.

What motivates you to look Way Back this When-esday?

Dive into those digital photos or scan a scrapbook find and play along with Way Back When-esday. Be sure and link back to participate in the web-wide reverie...and leave a comment when you do!

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BoufMom9 said...

OMGOSH! Look at how cute they were! That look on Darren's face is Priceless :)

Happy WBW!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Aww yes, the lovely "cadillac-length" duo glider. Our duoglider is downstairs collecting dust! And oh, how I miss those days!

Sarah and Darren - too cute for words! Adorable!

Christy M. said...

This makes me laugh... Just this weekend I was at the Page County Fair, up in Luray, VA. A woman was pushing her twins in a side-by-side and my dad was just shaking his head, muttering something like "that can't be easy... but I guess you just don't have a choice sometimes." Darn right!
It doesn't read right, of course, but coming from my down-home country old fart dad like mine, it was pretty funny at the time! :)

cat said...

Sweet smiles!

monica said...

Looks at those great smiles! Having a great time!

ChefDruck said...

How nice to continue traditions year after year and see them grow.

State fairs sound fun. Can't wait to have a fried twinkie.

The Smiths said...

how sweet! I kinda look forward to no more strollers for us....but I know that is going to be a long time from now.

shopannies said...

super cute time flies by does it not quicker than I often realize

Nancy said...

Oh look at those FACES!!!! How fun :)

Happy WBW!

Mama-Bear said...

This growing up thing is going way too fast!

I posted Halloween costumes from last year. They really did not like them and today I was having a chuckle recalling how MUCH they did not like them!