Monday, December 21, 2009

Makes My Monday: Beautiful Bloggers

Wilma and Betty. Lucy and Ethel. Laura Petrie and Millie.

Whether over a dinosaur-restraining stone wall, an apartment balcony railing or a kitchen table cup of coffee, pre-21st century female friendships were largely predicated on proximity.

With the advent of keyboard-initiated conversation, women we admire, follow the family antics of, and frequently feel deeply connected to, we've not even met face to face.

Friday, I got to meet---and in one instance, re-meet for a second time---some lovely ladies who fall into all of the above categories. Friends borne of blogdom become "real;" now that's holiday magic! (As was making it home from D.C. just afore the East Coast snowstorm...)
Beth, the amazing RoleMommy and Jill, a.k.a. ScaryMommy, but in real-life, not at all!

L-R: The robot of See Mom Run, Me (of Twinfatuation, you are here!), Beth of RoleMommy and author/editor of See Mom Run, Jill of Musings from Me, Jessica of A Parent in Silver Spring and Julia Beck of FortyWeeks and Philanthropic Moms.

When in Bethesda
Before hitting the highway
Had to see Laura

Read her blog daily
Catholic Teacher Musings
Haiku loving friend!

All of these incredible women, their words, their verve, their spark, Make My Monday!
(As did the snowstorm that hit the East Coast...)

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Leave a comment today with a blogger you'd like to meet in real-life and you'll be entered to win a copy of SeeMomRun!

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Also Making My Monday? Giving away four copies of See Mom Run: Side-Splitting Essays from the World's Most Harried Moms from last week's Way Back When-esday caption contest!

Congratulations to:
Shari of Two Times the Fun
Rebecca of Unexplained x 2
Nancy of The Zimmer Zoo
Debi of WhoSays8isEnough?

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Threeundertwo said...

What fun! I would love to meet so many of my fellow bloggers. Somehow. Someday.

Terra said...

I would love to meet Laura - she is such an inspiration! Looks like you had awonderful time!

Terra said...

PS - I would love to meet you too, but you already know that!

monica said...

How much fun was that to be able to meet some of us! I think I would like to meet a few people but one being Missy at Twin Monkey's!

Dana said...

Thats great! I recently got to meet some of the mommies in my online playgroup this past fall. It was surreal. Felt like we've been best friends for years, but it was the first time we actually met. How did working moms make friends before the internet?

Laura said...

Lovely post.
I'm on my 2nd day of being 100 percent lazy...claiming I can't do ANYTHING because of the snow....still in my P.J.'s. Oh it feels so good. Again, thank you for the wonderful, uplifting visit. Feels like we have been buddies a way..we kind of have.
You look terrific in our picture but I sort of look like a man in a Christmas jacket.
Oh well....Peace & Joy!!

BoufMom9 said...

OH! I won! Yeah me! (do you have my address already?)

How fun! I can't wait to finally get a chnace to meet some bloggers/turned friends when I travel with the family in the spring!

Great bunch of beautiful ladies! :)

Happy Monday!

Nancy said...

HAH! I love that Laura's description is in Haiku :)

How cool to meet bloggy buddies in real life! Very nice.

And wait - that's me!! I'll send along my address to you. I'm so excited to read the book!! Thank you :)

JulieBouf said...

There's so many bloggers I would love to meet. You of course ;). I'm excited that I'll be meeting Jill (scarymommy) and many others at the Baltimore SITS conf in March. I'd also love to meet Pauline from Classy Chaos and Debbie from Vodkamom. Although, I'm pretty awkward. I quite embarrassed myself the last time I met a bloggess that I read on a regular basis.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How much fun! I would love to have a huge Blogapalooza where we could all meet! Can you imagine?!?!

Shari said...

I am a little behind reading my favorite blogs, so my apologies for the delayed YAHOO! I WON!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love Scary Mommy Jill so much! I am totally jealous that you got to meet her : ) How fun is that? She is sensational!

Musings from Me said...

I loved meeting you, too! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger. Loved your chapter in See Mom Run. Having potty trained three kids with three different strategies, I can relate!

My post is ready to go on Monda -- will link back!

ChefDruck said...

I so wish I could have been there to meet you in person as well. Did someone record it? I'd love to hear you read your essay!