Sunday, December 20, 2009


Heading out into the deep snow yesterday afternoon, we were apprehensive about sled-ability. Our worries were ill-founded. In their plastic toboggans, Darren and Sarah flew down the popular sledding hills less than a mile away. As I type, they're getting bundled up for Round Two.

How's your weekend looking thus far? Post a picture (or two!) and share a glimpse. Leave your link in a comment and let others take a peek!

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Just Breathe said...

What fun, that is what Christmas is all about. I remember those days when we lived in Chicago.
My kids did that when they were young. Now they are 28 and 30.
We have lived in California for 20 years now but we have been able to go into the snow in just 45 min.
They went sledding in Chicago too!
We can also be at the beach in 45 minutes! Took my adult children to Disneyland on Friday, it was fun!!
Took my 11 month old puppy Skye for her haircut yesterday and Santa was there. Our new baby!

Terra said...

oh what fun! Wish we had your snow. my girls went sledding today too, in the front yard...on snow from 2 weeks ago!!!

Annie said...

Looks like they had lots fun.

Have a great week.

Merry Christmas!!!!!