Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upon My Beloved's Birthday...

You're the yin to my yang. The Astaire to my Rodgers. The Bogie to my Bacall. The Ricky to my Lucy. The Daddy to my Mommy.

You began as a friend and proceeded to partner. Fate bestowed you with fatherhood; but destiny -- destiny made you Daddy.

As I perused the “For My Husband” birthday cards, the tear-spawning, over-milked quote from Jerry Maguire (in lavishly flourished script, I might add) graced one notable and extremely oversized candidate. In theatrical context, the line plays well, but in real-life, the implication offends.

You’re no battery, cog or missing piece of a puzzle. Prior to our first encounter, I wasn’t a partial person. You don’t “complete me;” with panache to spare, you create “us.” 

Father Time, Daddy Warbucks, the Boston Pops, Dadaism, Papa Smurf…recognizable all, but none generate a fraction of the affectionate admiration due our paternal personage.

You’re the keeper of the peace. The holder of my heart. The father of our children.
I salute you…support you…love you.

On your birthday, and everyday.
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Laura said...

Lage, you made me cry.

Jeremi said...

happy birthday to your hubby!!

what a super post : )

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the Sid to your Nancy.
-Luvy Hubby

Meagan Halquist said...

Well said Cheryl! Happy Birthday Dad :)

Terra said...

HAPPY BDAY Double dad! I loved this post. So wonderful to read such joy.

Tracey said...

Perfect post from our fav blogger pals! Happy day to double day and many many more!!

Marlynn said...

What an awesome birthday post, Cheryl :) Happy birthday to your hubby!

cat said...

Here's a huge Happy Birthday to Double Daddy! What a man!