Tuesday, February 1, 2011

De-Coding De-Cursing

Lately, nothing thrills our twin nine-year-olds quite like deciphering media mandated "bleeps."

After hearing a radio ad declaring "Uncle Eddie has the best (insert strategically placed chicken clucks here) wings..."

Sarah (clearly delighted with her own social savvy): "Oh I know exactly what words they were covering over, Mom."

Mommy (curious to a fault): "You do? Please don't say it, but you can spell it."

Sarah (confidently): "They wanted to say 'D-A-M-N.'"

Mommy (oddly pleased and relieved) "Well, I am very glad they used chicken noises instead."

During a viewing of the much-loved-in-the-Lage house Pawn Stars, wherein Old Man relegated Big Hoss and Chumlee to his  "#&!*&#% list..."

Darren (delighting in debauched language) "Awww! I know what list he put them on. It has two syllables."

Mommy (surprised, and confused by the polysyllabic assumption): "You do?"

Darren (confidently): "It's another word for 'donkey,' and it begins with a 'j'."

Count me as one twin mom pleased to have her nine-year-olds blissfully--and happily, ignorantly---on the naive end of the nasty language list. (Which bears absolutely no resemblance to the presupposed 'jackass list.')
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Barbara Manatee said...

keep raising those kids right, mama!

Rebecca said...

That's so sweet...dreading the days where mine will be filling in the blanks! I love that Pawn Stars is so popular in your house!

girlytwins said...

Haha. Mine aren't as sweet. I have a similar post right now :)

Boy are your kids cute!!! :)

Terra said...

Um yeah, the bleeps can turn out funny conversations especially when you have a 10 year old and a five year old...different angles need to be spoke from...

ChefDruck said...

Anything to get them to work on their spelling! My 6yo is convinced there is a swear word that begins with "z". Guessing what it might be keeps him entertained for hours!