Monday, January 10, 2011

Makes My Monday: Ritual and Restraint

Every other Sunday night means pizza and and Family Movie Night; but poor, now-portly Larry, despite his full-fledged family member status, is not permitted to partake of the pie.

Larry's longing looks, and formidable self-control, Make My Monday.

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Rebecca said...

Awww...he's trying so hard! Poor portly dog.

Anonymous said...

What a cute puppy! My girls are still at that age where they think it's quite funny to feed our dogs ;) Can't wait to have family movie nights when they get older! I can't imagine what it's like for your kids to sit still for more than 10 minutes!

Laura said...

Dog crush.
I have one.

Threeundertwo said...

What a good dog! And cheers to family movie night! We had ours last night too.

Terra said...

a well trained dog makes for a happy family. We had a pooch when growing up that was trained not to touch people could leave a whole smorgasbord out and the dog wouldn't even look at it, leave out a jar of vaseline though...and he ate the whole thing!

The Smiths said...

Poor pooch! He looks like he REALLY wants some.