Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday

So much to be thankful for each and every day....joining in the web-wide gratitude with Amanda at Twice the Love, Half the Sleep!
On this first Thursday of 2011, I'm particularly appreciative...

-For a She-Twin who can openly talk with her family at the dinner table about how she so desperately wants a friend with whom she can play at recess---one who doesn't do pretend "cheerleading," chase boys around the playground, or participate in the "gossip" group. How thankful I also am that she is unwilling to compromise her personality to "fit in" with others just for the sake of being part of a group. I'm thankful in advance, confident today will be a better day for her.

-For a He-Twin, who instead of poking fun at his sister's sadness, offers up viable suggestions and support.

-For a Double Daddy, who with empathy and wisdom shares ideas, reinforces She-Twin's strength of uniqueness, and finds ways to get giggles from a tearful girl.

-For a Loving Larry Dog, who accepted hugs and pets galore from a girl so ready to share her affection.

-For the names on a paper chain still encircling my man's and my room---names of folks remembering our family and our cares in their prayers.

-For next Wednesday...a day which will mark 11 months for my man cancer-free, with No Evidence of Disease.

For all of the above, and for so many blessings unnamed here, I am abundantly thankful this Thursday.

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Amanda said...

What a great list! So happy to see that it will be 11 months cancer free, congratulations!!!!

Meagan Halquist said...

What a thoughtful entry. I to will add your little shetwin to my prayer list. I was very much like her as a little girl. She'll find her way :)

Missy said...

Wow, 11 months! That is great! You all are still continuing to be in our prayers. Love your list!

Barbara Manatee said...

what an amazing list!! sending positive thoughts Sarah's way...I am proud of her to stay true to herself. I so clearly remember those years - the gossip, the friends, the fights, etc. Tough age...

Proud too of Darren for being supportive!

And what a fantastic anniversary!! 11 months!!!

cat said...

Happy 2011 for you all! And I love that she is unique and proud about it.

Rebecca said...

That first one made me sad and then's sad that she can't find anyone to connect with (yet), but it's amazing that she's not willing to settle.

What an amazing brother too - offering support when she needs it most. So important as he probably sees what she goes through on a daily basis and really "gets" the fact that she doesn't want to deal with the BS.

11 months...thank God!!!

Laura said...

I had a 6th grader a few years ago...a girl, very smart, very pretty, and really did not want to be part of the 6th grade drama scenes that were taking place on a daily basis. She and I spoke about leaders and how leaders are never like everyone else. They do things differently which is why they stand out and are chosen to lead.
I think Sarah is a true leader in the making.
I'm sure you see it.