Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Soulmates

When he was two, and wanted a dog, we told him he'd need to be older...more capable to handle the responsibilities of caring for a pet.

When he continued to ask repeatedly for the following 6 years, we paraphrased, but continued to answer his longing requests with similar responses.

Finally, this summer, the time was right. Finally, this summer, the dog was right. Now, all is right with the world.

"Larry and I have been best friends ever since."
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Mary said...

OMG. Too cute for words.

What kind of dog is Larry?

Dashing Darren is quite a young man.

I die from cuteness galore.


Rebecca said...

Awwww...they're seriously cute!

Amy said...

Very cute! Is Larry an American Eskimo? that's what we have and he looks just like ours.

Tracey said...

How cute is that...sweet sweet boys!!

Terra said...

Isn't it wonderful when what you do seems to work out just right? My brother was the same...always begging for a dog - for 5 years, every picture drawn every story written my parents caved when he was 8, he trained it, he walked it, he fed it we all loved that dog!

Missy said...

Dogs are such great best friends. Darren reminds me of myself when I was younger - when my mom and I would visit the dog store at the mall and I would vow when I got a job, I would buy each and every one.
Love the picture of Darren & Larry.

Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

I love this! Those faces!

cat said...

Larry is a seriously handsome dog. In fact, they are such a handsome pair.